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A Few Reasons Why Premier Home Care Is Your Best Option.

1. 89% would rather live at home than anywhere else.
Senior citizens fear moving into a nursing home and losing their independence more than they fear death, according to a study reported in The Wall Street Journal. When asked what they fear most, seniors rated loss of independence (26%) and moving out of home into a nursing home (13%) as their greatest fears. Death was cited as the greatest fear for just 3% of seniors. Furthermore, 82% of Baby Boomers fear their parents will be mistreated in a nursing home and 89% fear their parents will be sad.

2. Staying at home is most comfortable.
Nothing beats the comfort of staying at home. This is true not only in comparison to an institution, but even compared to moving in with a family member. Any move is stressful. Combine moving with the recent loss of a spouse, the onset of dementia or a growing disability-and even the simplest transition can feel traumatic. Being able to receive needed care right within the familiarity of one's own home uplifts the spirit. "Aging in place" and even eliminates many safety risks that come with moving into and moving around in new places.

3. Premier Home Care prolongs independence and prevents institutionalization.
It doesn't take much in the form of a mobility limitation or mental decline to render people unable to care for themselves. Simple tasks like bathing, using the toilet, cooking-let alone driving to the store or to appointments-become difficult ordeals. Yet the inability to accomplish these basic tasks shouldn't condemn a person to institutionalized care. Fortunately, if they can be assisted with these tasks, these same people can lead fully productive and independent lives. The personal independence that home care gives them delivers huge benefits in their physical and mental well-being-and also benefits their families and society as a whole.

4. Premier Home Care's care is safer.
Institutionalized residents are at high risk for developing acute illnesses such as pneumonia, dehydration, gastroenteritis and even antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus infections. With a single caregiver attending to many people, it's harder to control cross contamination from one infected resident to another. The one-on-one personal attention by an in-home caregiver greatly lowers the risk of such illnesses. Plus, home caregivers can devote 100% of their attention to preventing falls, wandering, bed sores, and kitchen injuries, and will even call 911 within seconds of an emergency.

5. Premier Home Care reduces stress and depression for the whole family.
A conservative estimate reports that 20% of family caregivers suffer from depression, twice the rate of the general population. The "role reversal" of family caregiving is equally stressful on the relative giving care and the one receiving care. Elders especially remain keenly aware of the increasing physical and mental losses they are suffering. Plus they may feel embarrassed to require a family member (especially their child) help them with certain issues, such as toilet care. Transitioning to an institution can be even more stressful. Hiring Premier Home Care not only relieves the caregiving relative, it requires the minimum stress-inducing change for the one who needs the care.

6. Home Care improves the quality of life.
By remaining in their home, with proper care, seniors are able to maintain the lifestyle and luxuries they are accustomed to enjoying. Keeping all their possessions, and familiar surroundings, Premier Home Care clients are able to visit the same stores, restaurants, neighbors and parks they already know. Plus, they can engage in the same activities they love, rather than expected to join in group activities with comparative strangers. They can even just savor their privacy and live their life on their own schedule.

7. Agency-based home care is more dependable.
Turning to Premier Home Care to provide your home care is much more reliable and safe compared to hiring an independent caregiver. If your caregiver runs late or becomes ill or is unable to keep the scheduled visit, an agency will be on your side, working to find a qualified substitute caregiver as soon as possible. With an independent caregiver, you're on your own. Agency caregivers are also more thoroughly screened than independents. In addition to national criminal background and credit checks, Home Care Assistance also administers an exclusive psychological exam to verify honesty and conscientiousness. Good agency caregivers are also bonded and insured and are verified to be legal for employment. Agencies also take care of the responsibilities of taxes, benefits and workers compensation. Those differences can more than make up for the cost savings of hiring an independent caregiver.

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